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To Be Announced…

The program for Pops on the Heights at Boston College last Friday night indicates, cryptically, that “songs will be announced from the stage.”

Did it have me intrigued?

Not really.

I already had my tickets.

I was there anyway.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that while the singer

Told us a highly engaging story

About how she

Discovered the song,

Planned to save it for her solo album,

And then heart-wrenchingly decided to part with it

Because it was perfect for the second season of Smash,

She never told us the name of the song.

Then she proceeded to sing it.



A perfect pairing

Of torch singer,

Torch song,

And full orchestra.


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because later that night

I couldn’t find the song

When I went to buy it on iTunes.

I didn’t know its name.

It wasn’t listed in the program.

She hadn’t announced it on stage

And the memorable hook

Of the song

Stuck in my head

Apparently wasn’t the name of the song either.

See, sometimes people think they’re being intriguing

When instead they’re just slowing down the sale.

You don’t want people asking you for clarification.

You want people asking

How quickly

They can get their hands on

This thing you have

That they absolutely need now.

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