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Too Close To Home

The Boston Marathon Explosion occurs 3 blocks from where I used to live and a block and a half from where my wife was working in her office…

On a street

By a store

That I walked by

Every day

With my kids

While living in the Back Bay

Less than a year ago.

Oh sure.

I know something about bombings.

From history books


And Prime Time Crime Drama TV.

It turns out I’ve been really lucky.

Because a bombing in a distant (or fictitious) city has less impact than

A bombing

Outside Marathon Sports

On Boylston Street

In the Back Bay

During the Boston Marathon.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people

Treat their Elevator Pitch

Like something that might happen over there.

In someone else’s city

In someone else’s business

Saving someone else’s time or money.

When it’s much more engaging

To make it personal.

Here’s how.

A recent workshop attendee emailed me:

“I help promote your business through direct mail with a monthly community based publication.”

After working on it together for 10 minutes, we had:

“I help Arlington businesses promote themselves locally through ads in the Arlington Shopper.”

The difference?

There are actually three:

1. Arlington businesses won’t understand what a “monthly community-based publication” has to do with them.

It’s someone else’s town.

But any Arlington business instantly understands the value of advertising in Arlington.

2. Name Recognition

The Arlington Shopper has a great reputation.

No need to confuse prospects by describing a mysterious “publication.”

She has nothing to hide.

She works for the Arlington Shopper.

3. Other Towns

But what about businesses in Belmont, or Lexington, or Winchester…


Her whole value proposition is that she’s local.

So, if she’s at the Lexington Chamber of Commerce, it’s the Lexington Shopper.

If she’s talking to the Cushing Square Business Assocation, it’s the Belmont Shopper.

For less obvious situations, she just picks a town.

A business owner from a town such as Winchester will be eager to ask her “Do you publish in Winchester?”

And that kind of question is the strongest result you can ever get from your Elevator Pitch.

It’s a huge buying signal.

Notice that by picking just one product to promote, she’ll start more productive conversations about all her products.

Want to grab people’s attention?

Be specific.

Get in their town.

On their street.

Thankfully, my wife made it home quickly and safely.

Tonight, remember what’s really important and give your loved ones an extra hug.

God bless.

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