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Topsy Turvey

In one move, the temporary director at our daycare center creates mass confusion and frustration for parents, teachers, and children.

She removes predictability from teacher schedules.

Now our primary is no longer there for infant drop-off.

Toddler teachers cover infant shifts.

If I’ve learned one thing about infants in the past 2-and-a-half years, it’s that they crave predictability.

Morning routine.

Suddenly everything is a struggle.

From drop-off to mealtimes to bedtime.

Then, just as suddenly, our director returns from maternity leave and everything returns to normal.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Most people assume that a great Elevator Pitch is highly creative.

It’s not.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

A great Elevator Pitch is simple, clear, and consistent.

Like a good schedule.

Prospects crave predictability.

Here are 3 ways to grab your prospect’s attention:

1. Simple

Talk about one thing.

The same thing.

Every time.

It’s not your most exciting offer.

Or most profitable.

Or even most popular.

Share the reason people come to you in the first place.

Talk about why prospects show up.

And you’ll convince more prospects to approach you for that first conversation.

What brings prospects to your door?

2. Clear

Use the language of your customer.

Not your industry.

People aren’t looking for a lawyer.

They want to protect their business.

People aren’t looking for a Realtor.

They want a new home.

Use your customer’s words.

And they’ll connect with what you’re saying.

What percentage of your Elevator Pitch is in your customer’s words?

3. Consistent

Do you change your Elevator Pitch to match your audience?

This approach destroys thousands of Elevator Pitches every day.

Instead, find your customer success story with universal emotional appeal.

Use it every time.

Consistency creates momentum.

How do you create sales momentum with your Elevator Pitch?

Happy Networking!

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