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The sharp point on the light-up frog pricks my thumb as I fish it out from under the couch, so instead of handing it back to my wailing three year old, it gets tossed.

Into the trash.

No fanfare.

I didn’t realize that the tail on the

Cool marketing swag light up frog

That I gave to my daughter

Comes to a razor sharp plastic point.


I distract my daughter with a different toy

With rounder edges.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because I get rid of the inappropriate toy.


Yet so many people

Hang on for dear life

To the stack of business cards

They collect at networking events

As though there’s some magic

In what’s essentially

Worse than a list of cold calls.


When was the last time you

Made a call

From one of those cards?

More importantly

When was the last time you

Had a productive conversation

From a call you made

From one of those cards?

Throw them out.

Right now.

I’m not kidding.

Just sweep them off your desk

Into the trash.

Hey, it’s no big deal.

You’ll get plenty more at the next event.

But here’s difference.

After your next event

Make sure you

Throw out all the cards you collect

Except three.

Reach out to those three people

To sit down for a one-on-one.

There are two big benefits.

1. Your desk will be cleaner

2. You’ll get better leads

That stack of business cards

Is like a light up frog

With a sharp point for a tail.

It keeps poking you

A painful reminder

Of the task you haven’t done.

Yet here’s the really important point:

It’s the wrong task.

Just throw the business cards out already

And instead of avoiding cold calling

Focus on connecting with people


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