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Trolley Baseball

I’m playing Trolley Baseball as sweat drips off my eyebrows in 97 degree heat waiting for the #77 bus on Mass Ave in Arlington Heights last Wednesday.

Trolley Baseball started back when I was 12.

There were always more trolleys headed in the opposite direction.


And clearly impossible.

Trolleys that go out have to come back.

So I developed Trolley Baseball to test perception against reality.

Here are the detailed rules of Trolley Baseball:

  1. Any trolley going in the opposite direction counts as 1 run for the other team.
  2. Any trolley going in your direction counts as 2 runs for the Boston Red Sox.

Since you always take the first trolley headed your way, the Boston Red Sox can only get 2 runs.

Since you should get a trolley for every trolley headed in the other direction, the Boston Red Sox should always win.

The game is set up so the Boston Red Sox always win.

Or so I thought.

In Boston, on the MBTA, in the 1980’s and today, especially in 97 degree heat, it turns out that 2 runs are not usually enough to win.

And it got me thinking about your Elevator Pitch’s winning percentage.

Here are 3 ways to get more wins from your Elevator Pitch:

1. Measure Hits not Home Runs

Home runs make the news.

They come from quality at-bats.

Not from trying to hit home runs.

Ball players step up to the plate to hit the ball solidly.

Watching the ball sail out of the park is a happy reward.

It’s the same with your Elevator Pitch.

Teach others how to prospect for you (hits).

Enjoy the phone ringing with new clients (home run).

How do you measure the results of your Elevator Pitch?

2. Jonathan Papelbon

Championship teams have outstanding closers.

Effective Elevator Pitches have compelling Calls to Action.

What’s your compelling reason for prospects to contact you?

3. Big Papi

David Ortiz (Big Papi) just finished a 3 year slump.

3 years.

I don’t know what he was working on.

Or how he had that much patience.

But it’s paying off now.

Your Elevator Pitch works over time.

Be consistent.

Be patient.

How soon do you give up on your Elevator Pitch? 

P.S. Interested in the result from last Wednesday’s Trolley Baseball game in Arlington Heights?

We tied 2-2.

That’s right. I saw two #77 busses headed to Arlington Heights before I caught my #77 bus heading to Cambridge.

Some things never change…

How do you set yourself up to win?

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