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Unique and Memorable Elevator Pitch Examples

Want to be unique and memorable?

Then get away from an Elevator Pitch that make you sound like everyone else!

There’s a fatal flaw in each of these examples. Can you spot it?

  • I help people solve financial problems
  • Every day I help my clients make their real estate dreams come to fruition
  • We make your life easier, better and interesting

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1. I help people solve problems

This is, in fact, what we all do.

We solve problems.

So this Elevator Pitch makes you sound like, well, everyone.

That doesn’t make you memorable.

The best way to be memorable is to speak they way people think.

Because people don’t wake up in the morning thinking “Today’s the day I’m going to solve my financial problems!”

They have financial problems, to be sure. But they don’t think of them in general.

People think in specifics.

They’re wondering if they’ll have enough money to take care of a disabled child, or fund their retirement travel, or invest in a new business opportunity.

Specifics start conversations!

==> I help parents of teenagers save enough money to pay for college
==> I help job-hoppers consolidate their 401(k)’s
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2. I make dreams come true

You do make dreams come true… for people with a particular dream.

But, unlike a fairy godmother, you can’t grant all wishes.

Even in real estate.

You’re more credible when you own a particular outcome.

That’s the thing about dreams – people don’t always believe they can be real.

So if you can name an outcome that they haven’t yet dared wish for… that will start a conversation.

==> I work with Baby Boomers who are looking for a bigger house
==> I help people find profitable investment properties in Somerville
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3. We make your life easier, better and interesting

People mistakenly think this approach is intriguing.

That people will irresistibly ask “How will you make my life more interesting?”

But they don’t.

Intrigue doesn’t work that way.

People aren’t intrigued by general things.

They’re intrigued by specifics.

Specifics will start conversations!

==> I’m a travel specialist for international destinations, sporting events, and behind the scenes access
==> I offer an herbal solution for chronic headaches
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