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Valentine’s Special: LOVE Your Elevator Pitch

Let’s face it:

Your Elevator Pitch is feeling neglected!


You’re embarassed to introduce her to your prospects…
You won’t commit to the 2 hours it takes to take proper care of her…
… No wonder your Elevator Pitch isn’t
providing as many leads as it could…
I have some great news!
You no longer need to spend 2 hours.
Now it only takes 20 minutes.
Introducing the
Elevator Pitch Tune Up.
In just 20 minutes we’ll take you from where you are to an Elevator Pitch you love.
I have a limited number of slots for people who sign up.
Love is impatient!
Offer expires 2/15/11.
Love is patient!
As long as you sign up by 2/15/11, you can schedule your 20 minute session any time in February.
When you’re ready to get More Leads from your Elevator Pitch, sign up

How will you show your love this Valentine’s Day?

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