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What’s That Noise?

My five-year-old daughter summons me to her room at 5:03 yesterday morning, motions for me to lie down next to her, and asks “What’s that noise?”

A faint drumming.

I hear it.

And I have to admit, I’m a little baffled as well.

It sounds like it should be familiar.

And I just can’t place it.

So I mumble something about gutters and snow, then head to the bathroom to get her a drink of water.

Looking out the bathroom window, the noise clicks into place.


After months of snowstorm after snowstorm, I no longer recognize the sound of rain.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because it hasn’t been that long since it rained.

Not really.

Apparently it’s easy to forget.

Which is why you have to keep networking.

You have to keep reminding people of your message.

Because even if you have the most compelling message.

They’ll get distracted.

And forget.

The only solution is to keep showing up.

Keep giving your Elevator Pitch.

And like the return of the spring rain

You’ll hear people say

“Oh yeah. I’ve been meaning to call you…”

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