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Where have all the shovels gone?

“I wonder what happened to all last year’s shovels…”

Our local hardware store owner is gleeful about the predicted snowstorm — lots of people streaming in to buy shovels — and surprised that there’s such a big demand every single year.

It’s a common thought pattern — since a lot of people bought shovels last year, everyone who needs a shovel already has one.

But it would be a huge mistake for a hardware store not to talk about shovels at the first predicted snowfall.

Shovels get lost, or broken, or borrowed… or people are new in town.

There is a big demand for shovels every year.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch…

Because people resist using the same Elevator Pitch week after week at their networking group meetings.

Yet, every week there are

…first time guests
…members who missed last week
…members who stepped out to take a phone call last week
…members who signed up a new client this week
…members who started a new project this week

Any of those people will hear your message — the same message — this week in a different context than last week.

Your message may not have changed, but they will hear it differently.

They will think of different people to introduce you to.

They will understand your work at a slightly deeper level.

They will think of a new way to apply what you do to what their clients need.

I’m not suggesting you talk about snow shovels during the summer.

I am suggesting that you give your same best Elevator Pitch, even, and especially, if people have “heard it before.”

For readers in the Northeast US: Did you buy a new snow shovel this year?

For my Australian readers: Please post pictures of a warm, sunny beach day!


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