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Would Somebody Please…

My three-year-old daughter asks for something in such a way that even though I’m the only one in the room with her, I’m not aware that she’s talking to me.

“Would somebody please help me…”

I assume she’s talking to her lammys.

Or her unicorn.

Or the family that lives in her dollhouse.

She has been for the last 10 minutes.

But now she’s not.

In fact,

She’s increasingly frustrated that I’m ignoring her request.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because I work with so many people

Whose prospects ignore their requests

For the same reason I’m unintentionally ignoring my daughter.


I’m not aware that she’s talking to me.

That’s right.

Your Elevator Pitch needs to be personal.

It’s the difference between “Would somebody please help me…”

And “Daddy, would you please get me a glass of milk.”

If in your Elevator Pitch you talk about

Helping people achieve their goals

Or offering peace of mind

Or solving small business challenges

You could be talking to anyone.

So your prospects tune you out.

How do you make it more personal?


I help top performers get the pay raise they deserve

I help C-level executives get a good night’s sleep

I help small businesses collect their money

Just name what it is you actually do,

And your prospects will start calling you.

How do you personalize your Elevator Pitch? 

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