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The Elevator Pitch Home Study Course
Is a three week program
That gives you all the tools you need
To get better results from your business networking.

Your Elevator Pitch is really three skills:

1. Answering What Do You Do

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There are only three questions
You’ll ever be asked
At any networking event.
“How’s it going?”
“What do you do?”
“How do you do that?”
In Week 1: Answering “What do you do,”
You’ll develop
Personalized, authentic, engaging answers
That start better conversations.

2. Effective Follow Up

Download the Worksheet

You don’t close sales in the elevator
Or at a networking event.
Which means you’ll need to follow up.
But how do you follow up
Without annoying
The very people
You want to impress…
In Week 2: Business Networking for Busy Professionals
You’ll learn our 3-step process
For getting better results
From the networking events
You already attend.

3. Elevator Pitch CPR

Download the Worksheet

It’s your turn to speak.
How do you introduce yourself memorably
In a way that inspires people to
Contact you when the time is right for them…
In Week 3: Elevator Pitch CPR
We’ll take you step-by-step
Through developing your
Power Question,
Client Success Story, and
Call to Action,
Then combining them into an
Effective 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

There are plenty of other
Articles, videos, and resources
Along the way.
And the program comes with unlimited email support for 60 days.
Let us know how it goes!
Now let’s get started…

3 Signs your Elevator Pitch Works

Recognizing the voice of my most abrasive prospect I somehow resist
the urge to hang up.
Six months ago he screamed at me
“There is no way in #$#$%^ I would ever use your $%#$%#$ service.”
That’s a direct quote.
Seared into my memory.
Though now he’s calling me.
To sign up for window cleaning.
You just never know.
Sometimes your Elevator Pitch is working when you least expect it.
It takes time for even the best Elevator Pitch to produce results.
How do you know you’re on the right track?

Here are 3 ways to know your Elevator Pitch works

1. “How do you do that?”
This is a sign that your Elevator Pitch works face-to-face.
An effective Elevator Pitch starts a conversation.
This is the most productive start to a business conversation.
It encourages you to talk about how you achieve such amazing results.
What can you say about your business that so compellingly unbelievable
that prospects wonder.

How do you do that?

2. “I was thinking about you”
This is a sign that your Elevator Pitch works over time.
Prospects think of you when they notice a need for your service.
It’s the strongest type of referral, Because timing is everything.

When is the perfect time for a prospect to contact you?

3. It’s You!
This is a sign that you will eagerly share your Elevator Pitch with anyone, anytime.
Your Elevator Pitch only works if you use it.
You want to be comfortable and confident with your Elevator Pitch.
Here’s how:
Instead of whatever you’re using for an Elevator Pitch.
Share the story of how you wowed your best customer.
Differentiate yourself and let your passion shine in a story that highlights
you at your best. It’s fun to talk about.
It gives prospects a compelling sense of you.
That starts conversations.

Is your Elevator Pitch you?

3 Tips to keep you focused
while networking

My 9-month-old daughter is on a mission.
Binky Extraction.
Her target: her 22-month-old sister’s pacifier.
Suddenly she lunges and twists.
she catches me off guard.
I grab her to prevent a face-plant she spins.
Reaches up and plucks the binky out of her sister’s mouth a surgical strike.
With me as the unwitting accomplice i’ve grown wiser.
I can now block her first attempt so she stretches.
And strains. and claws.
Once she has seen the binky in her sister’s mouth.
It’s hard to distract her.
It must be nice to be so focused.>
So single-minded.
And it got me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips from the Binky Extractor

1. Focus
My daughter will happily play with almost any toy.
Unless she senses her sister’s binky nearby.
At that point, nothing else matters.
She is all about getting that binky.
Your Elevator Pitch is your default message.
It’s the most compelling thing.
It’s the easiest to explain.
No matter what other interesting, meaningful work you do.
Start with your Elevator Pitch.

How do you start business conversations?

2. Timing
She’ll drop anything for a chance to pluck the binky from her sister’s mouth.
Very opportunistic.
At that moment she doesn’t care about food, or mommy, or FiFi.
At that moment, you can’t get her attention.
So you’ll want to approach her with the “Binky Extractinator 2.0”
at some other time.
When she’s not in the midst of a heated battle.
Your Elevator Pitch plants the seed..
So as she gets frustrated with her current binky extraction methods,
She knows who to call for an upgrade.
That’s why your Elevator Pitch never changes.
Because your prospect’s timing is always changing.
You want an Elevator Pitch that catches them at the right time for them.

How does your Elevator Pitch respect your prospect’s timing?

3. Patience
She is in no rush.
When her sister appears with binky, the chase is on
When there’s no binky, she has other things to keep her occupied.
No desperation.
No follow up.
No sense of anticipation.
When the binky appears she is ready to go.
Business networking works over time.
Prospects will call you on their schedule.
When their need is there.
You can’t force it.
You can’t speed it up.

How can you be ready when their time is right?

Stand out in a Crowd

It’s 3am in Boston as I load up on pastries and orange juice to kick start
my day in London. “Andy, it’s so nice to meet you.”
I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen this woman before in my life.
Maybe it’s the jet lag. Trying to be polite, I manage
“My apologies, but have we met?”
Nope” she replies cheerfully.
“You’re the youngest person on this trip by at least 40 years.”
Apparently the London Theater Week through the Yale Alumni Travel Program>
has more participants in their 60’s than their 20’s.
I was famous before I even walked through the door.
Everyone was eager to meet the 20-something kid who had signed up for this trip.
And it got me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Here are 3 ways you can Stand Out in a Crowd

1. Attend the “Wrong” Events
You should see the funny looks I get when I ask for directions to the
Downtown Women’s Club.
Or the Network of Enterprising Women.
Being the speaker sets you apart.
Being the only man in the room means that everyone knows who you are.
It’s not just about gender.
You could be the lawyer who keeps people out of court.
Or the salesman at an engineering conference.
Your goal isn’t to network with your prospects.
It’s to network with people who know your prospects.

Where do you stand out?

2. A Rose by Any Other Name
Change your title.
President, Founder, CEO, Principal, Sales Rep, Attorney,…
I’m not suggesting you be too cute or clever.
Just different.
How about Chief Brightness Officer.
Or The Money Guru.
Or The Medical Device Doctor.

What’s your title?

3. Talk About Them
Ask questions.
Start a conversation.
People remember (and like) people who let them talk.
And most will return the favor.
You’ll engage faster when you’re slower with your pitch.

What questions do you ask?

What’s a 1-on-1?
It’s when you network with someone over coffee.
Why would you do that?
To grow your business and develop your trusted advisor network.
How do you do that?
There are 2 equally important goals when you network:

1. Clearly understand what the other person does.
2. Clearly communicate what you do.

That’s why your elevator pitch is so important.
You are not selling to the person you’re meeting with.
You are teaching them how to prospect for you.
And you will be prospecting for them.
That’s the goal of business networking.

A quick story about
the value of business networking

Without a network of trusted advisors, I would have arrived home on Monday
with frozen ears and two icicles for children.
“Sir, is this your hat.” (It had fallen out of my pocket)
“Sir, you lost your hat.” (Another hat had fallen off my sleeping toddler’s head)
Good thing strangers were looking out for me.
Because at 10 degrees weaving a double stroller through downtown traffic
I wouldn’t have noticed.
Until ears were falling off.
Fortunately when you’re pushing a stroller everyone goes out of their way to help.
It’s just like Business Networking.
People want to help.
Send you referrals.
Share opportunities.
Pick up your hats…

Here are 3 ways to make sure people are looking out for you

1. Check In
Invite a member of your business network to coffee.
Not a customer.
Not a prospect.
You’re not there to sell.
You’re there to share your client success stories.
And listen to theirs.
That’s what leads to referrals.

When was the last time you had a 1-on-1 with a member
of your business network?

2. Check Out
People are always giving you information.
Follow up.
Attend events.
Call leads.
Share events you’re attending.
Articles you’ve read.
And inspiring websites.
Check out all the opportunities that cross your desk.
How quickly do you follow up on opportunities from your business network?

3. Stick Around
Trust develops over time.
Unless you’re pushing a baby stroller.
I’ve knocked heads with people who are also leaning down to pick up
my child’s dropped toy.
People will be just as helpful to you when you share a clear and consistent
Elevator Pitch.

What are you doing to develop trust through your business network?

The Complete Guide
to the 30-Second Elevator Pitch

Step by step guide for developing an Elevator Pitch that grabs your prospect’s attention, engages them in conversation, and inspires them to action. Includes exercises, real-world examples, and a step-by-step process.

Learning Objectives
1. Develop an effective Elevator Pitch
2. Understand Formal vs. Conversational Elevator Pitches
3. Conversation Starters

7 Compelling Calls to Action

I do my best to hide my panic, not aware that the next 2 minutes
in front of my volunteer team will produce such dramatic results.
In two weeks we’re holding a barbecue for 40 people.
And my barbecue sponsor just backed out.
So I stand in front of the team prepared to beg for a grill and hot dogs.
I have barely started talking when the guy at my right elbow raises
his hand to volunteer.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I exaggerate to get a point across.
This is not one of those times.
Sitting at my right elbow is Patrick Monkiewicz.
Of Kayem Foods. In Chelsea.
Have you ever had a hot dog at Fenway Park while watching the Red Sox?
Kayem makes Fenway Franks.
Patrick donated the best barbecue we’ve ever had.
And it got me thinking about your Call to Action.

Here are 7 ways to inspire your prospects to action:

1. Add them to your email newsletter
Send a _______ Tips Email Newsletter to touch base with prospects and customers
on a regular basis. “Would you be interested in getting my monthly
(Elevator Pitch, Home Improvement, Leadership, Hurricane Preparedness)
Tips Email Newsletter?” It’s low risk for someone to give you their email address.
As long as they opt-in and your emails are value-first, it can be the start of a long
and mutually profitable relationship.

2. Mail them a “7 Biggest Mistakes” White Paper
Spend a few hours writing about the 7 Biggest Mistakes you see in your industry.
Here’s mine: 7 Biggest Elevator Pitch Mistakes
“Would you be interested in our free white paper on the 7 biggest mistakes people
make when (buying a home, investing their money, business networking, …)?”
Since this is more of a one-shot approach, it’s most effective when you already
have a follow-up sales process in place.

3. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation
Offer a free consultation in your area of expertise.
It’s a great way of starting conversations with potential customers.
Email me if you want details of the specific approach I use that gets
over 80% of people to request this option.

4. Invite them to a free webinar
“Would you be interested in attending our free webinar for
(technology startups, real-estate professionals, general contractors)?”
People expect there to be a pitch in a free webinar.
If you provide valuable content first (before the pitch) you’ll make ”
an outstanding impression.

5. Set up a 1-on-1
“It sounds like there might be ways for us to help each other grow our businesses.
Would you be interested in setting up a 1-on-1 next week?”
A 1-on-1 is the least understood and most effective business networking technique.
It’s not a sales call and it’s not with a prospect.
It’s to start a conversation with someone who may know your prospects.
Here are 3 Video Tips for Effective 1-on-1’s

6. Mention a job opening in your firm
When someone asks you how things are going, you should automatically answer:
“Things are great. In fact, we are growing so fast that we are looking for
(a new admin, new salespeople, 5-10 person law firms, …)”
I have filled more positions in my companies with great people
by letting everyone know that I’m hiring.
People are always eager to help their friends find jobs.

7. What do you need help with?
Whether you are looking for prospects, new hires, a contractor, a coach,…
Let people know. The more specific you are with your request,
The more your contacts can help you.

How effectively do you ask for help?