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These programs are ideal for masterminds, networking groups, and trade associations.

Within 40 seconds of starting the program, participants are on their feet (or turn on their video) and are interacting with each other.

We use interactive chat, breakout rooms, and live coaching so you learn skills you can use immediately to introduce yourself, meet the right people, and expand your referral network.

All programs are available as virtual workshops and in-person.

Introduce Yourself (in 30 seconds)

By the end of this session, participants have two personalized introductions that grab people’s attention, start productive conversations, and lead to more qualified referrals.

Find Your Focus: Define and Deliver a Pitch that Resonates

While others spin their wheels casting a “wide net” and endlessly tweaking their 30-Second Elevator Pitch, your new focus will fill your calendar with meaningful conversations that lead to business growth.

Expand Your Referral Network

It’s time to meet the right people! The people who return your calls. The people who answer your questions. The people who send you leads.