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Introduce Yourself (in 30 seconds)

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It’s your turn!

How are you going to introduce yourself, develop trust, highlight your services, encourage referrals, and demonstrate your expertise in only 30 seconds? 

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to create an effective 30-Second Elevator Pitch. We’ll cover:

  • What fits in 30 seconds (and what’s best to leave out)
  • How to practice (hint: don’t use a mirror)
  • One technique that makes you clear and concise (no more rambling!)
  • An approach that automatically makes people think of qualified referrals for you
  • Two ways to describe your target market

By the end of this 60-minute workshop you’ll have two personalized introductions that grab people’s attention, start productive conversations, and lead to more qualified leads.

About Our Speaker:

Andrew Winig is an Elevator Pitch Coach who uses his improvisational, musical theater, and business backgrounds to make his virtual and in-person programs fun, entertaining, engaging, and practical.

Andrew found that the typical advice for creating an Elevator Pitch felt awkward and didn’t lead to any referrals for his businesses. Over 8 years he applied his engineering mind to identify and test new skills in search of a simple approach that works consistently. His ground-breaking book “Elevator Pitch Handbook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting Conversations” condenses what he discovered into 51 readable pages that will forever change the way you talk about what you do. Andrew wants you to get better leads from your Elevator Pitch and shares his unique and effective techniques through email newsletters, virtual and in-person workshops, private coaching, and keynote speeches. You can sign up for his weekly Elevator Pitch Tips Email Newsletter at