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Stop Selling Start Networking

Stop Selling
Start Networking

8 Ideas You Can Use Right Now to
Grow Your Business through Your Existing Relationships

You breeze into the networking event a few minutes early.

You ignore the food buffet and skip the mob at the bar because you see a good friend talking to someone you haven’t met.

Two hours later you realize you didn’t have time to eat or drink because you were too busy setting up sales meetings with 2 legitimate prospects and being introduced to 3 people who will be perfect additions to your referral network.

Business networking doesn’t happen by magic, though it can look that way to people who have been trained to prospect.

The more events they attend,

The more business cards they collect,

The more phone calls they make,

The more discouraged they get.

Because, like looking directly at an eclipse of the sun,

If you go to networking events to look for prospects,

You’re going to get burned.

The opportunities are hiding in the shadows.

Reflected in the conversations you start.

Projected on the relationships you develop.

It’s a different mindset.

Especially this time of year.

Because there’s an avalanche of opportunity for the people who can treat networking like, well, networking.

People who can start conversations naturally and authentically.

People who can follow up in a way that gets others excited to hear from them.

People who can develop trust with people who can send them referrals.

It’s not magic.

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I wanted to invite you to join me for a new webinar series:

Stop Selling / Start Networking

Module 1 – Found Ya!

Workshop – How Do I Get Found?

Sure, business networking is all about going out and finding people. But, it’s even better when the right people start finding you. Join us for three ideas to make yourself more discoverable in your business network.

Office Hours – Push and Pull 

Push is, well, pushy. And awkward. And annoying. Pull is attracting the right people for you at the right time for them. Fortunately, that’s a great way to set up your business network, and we’ll show you how…

Module 2 – Gatekeepers

Workshop – Flowers, Chocolates, and Champagne

In sales, you develop a relationship with the gatekeeper to get to the decision maker. In networking, you develop the relationship directly with the decision maker. Join us for three ideas you can use immediately to bypass the gatekeeper.

Office Hours – The Only Thing You Need to Know about Gatekeepers

It’s not about getting through the gatekeepers. Not for business networkers, anyway. It’s about going around them. We’ll show you how you never have to get blocked by a gatekeeper again…

Module 3 – Introduce Yourself Memorably

Workshop – The Elevator Pitch Workshop 

It just takes 90 minutes to develop an Elevator Pitch that sounds like you. If you’ve been through this program before, you learn several advanced techniques. If it’s your first time, you’re in for a treat!

Office Hours – Strengthen Your Call to Action

It’s what’s missing from 99% of Elevator Pitches. If you don’t tell people what to do next, they’ll move on. We’ll show you how to grab their attention so you can start a relationships.

Module 4 – Prospecting vs. Networking

Webinar – Are you Prospecting or Networking? 

Everything that’s irritating and annoying about business networking comes down to the confusion between prospecting and networking. Join us for three ideas you can use immediately to better results from your current networking efforts.

Office Hours – Networking and Sales 

The goal of networking is sales. But that’s not why people are there. And it is. Here’s how to reconcile developing relationships when what you really need is to close more deals.

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