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Exclusive Secret Replay

Conversation Starters for Introverts

After learning that I’m an introvert who started two successful businesses through business networking, people kept emailing me asking “How’s it going?” I could tell they were curious.

“Is it really possible for introverts to grow their business through business networking?”

The answer is: “YES!”

That’s what prompted me to ask, er … convince, my board of directors to sponsor this free webinar.

They didn’t do it willingly. That’s for sure.

Because I share secrets.

Secrets that I usually save for my top-tier coaching clients.

Secrets I learned on my 8 year journey from cold call salesman to Trusted Advisor.

Click on the video above to watch it before my board convinces me to take it down…

I’ve coached hundreds of people to a better Elevator Pitch, and thousands of people worldwide have used my online software to improve the way they talk about what they do.

And that’s just the beginning.

This webinar is some of my best material.

It’s more like a hands-on, 1-on-1 coaching session than an online, group presentation.

It includes Elevator Pitch Examples, Templates, and live coaching with real people who are working on their Elevator Pitch.

And by the end of this webinar you’ll have a full set of personalized, authentic, engaging answers to the only three questions you’ll ever be asked at any networking event.

You’ll be fully prepared for every possible networking situation.

And I show you why leadership trainers, biotech CEO’s, website designers, bankers, and dozens more all became conversation starters and brought in more and better leads with much less effort.

I also cover:

  • Why in person networking still trumps all other types of networking and how I can prove it
  • 4 Examples of How People went from ZERO Results to handfuls of leads at their very next networking event
  • How to get other people excited to prospect for you for FREE
  • How to Take EVERYTHING you learn and apply it at your next networking event to generate great leads (even if you’ve never gotten any leads from that group before)

Click on the video above now to watch it before my board of directors forces me to take it down…

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