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Unified Voices


The Unified Voices program is an interactive and collaborative process that creates brand ambassadors who champion your organization’s mission with clarity and passion.


In today’s crowded and noisy business environment, clear and consistent messaging provides a competitive advantage when expanding the reach of your program. The Unified Voices Interactive Elevator Pitch Training Program is designed to address this need, ensuring that teams, whether separated by cubicles or oceans, speak with a consistent voice that resonates with their audience.



  1. Cohesive Brand Image: Equip your team with the tools to share a unified brand message, enhancing credibility and trust among your employees, collaborators, and potential clients.
  2. Effective Engagement: Transform every interaction into an opportunity. Learn the art and science of initiating and sustaining meaningful conversations that lead to mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.
  3. Maximized Presence: Whether you’re presenting virtually or in person, ensure that your team makes a memorable impact and inspire people to want to learn more.



  1. Unified Brand Messaging: This collaborative process ensures all voices are heard as we clarify the core values across all the functions of the organization. The output is a set of three organizational Elevator Pitches: a 7-Word, 30-Second, and 2-minute Elevator Pitch based on input from all members of the team.
  2. Tailored Conversations: Master the skill of personalizing your pitch within the context or the organization’s messaging. This module emphasizes the importance of listening as well as speaking, ensuring the conversations are two-way and mutually beneficial.
  3. Vendor Presence Mastery: Learn strategies to stand out in a crowded event. From presentation tips to engagement techniques to effective calls to action, we prepare your team to be clear, consistent, and memorable.


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